The Beautiful and Damned (New York: Scribners, 1922) F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Beautiful and Damned (New York: Scribners, 1922) F. Scott Fitzgerald
Published in 1922, The Beautiful and Damned is the second novel by Fitzgerald and was more interested in reading after Gatsby. It is divided into three main parts, and then subdivided into sections that seem to reflect the fragmented pieces of related experience married life. These bites are ideal for short bursts of reading, especially running. The novel begins with the introduction of Anthony Patch, a young man, a scholar and a little nervous with a tendency to apathy and laziness, living in his New York apartment. His grandfather, a religious and immensely rich magnate famous is the key to his eventual succession. Anthony was presented to Gloria, one of the many beautiful desirable Fitzgerald vain and spoiled. After dating for a little shaky, the couple decides to get married. What follows is a portrait of his early married life with reckless extravagances and overwhelming lethargy which gradually leads to alcoholism, pending bankruptcy and the deterioration of their relationship.

The style of the book is largely experimental, ranging from standard prose, playful philosophical perspectives, fantasy and even some short films (some critics believe he should have been edited out) alternately. Personally, I liked the stylistic differences and found that more flavor add tumultuous text. The story itself was also suitably attractive, especially in the last third of the novel I lashed at breakneck speed. Perhaps the greatest achievement of Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and Damned created two empty immensely dis likeable characters meaning and end of the novel were able to engage our sympathies. Anthony Patch, for example, must be one of the most pathetic characters of all time fiction, the essence of the roll, the work is not shy with a little determination. Yet one can not help but feel a little sorry for the miserable coward. Gloria also cut a tragic figure that the woman has a husband so that, despite its relentless selfishness, which attracts the attention of pathos when her beauty begins to fade.

Often compared to a call for bids is premature at night, I would say that this representation before civil collapse is actually higher. There was a certain recklessness that runs that served as a welcome to the intensity of brooding tender change. The novel is often very funny, in particular the chapter attempts Anthony jump in sales recruitment agency disastrous. The passages on drunkenness and alcohol are clearly written by a man with a lot of experience on the other side of reality and descriptions of the mouth following woods are some of the best I've read. As Tender, marriage is a biographical story confessed Zelda Fitzgerald and a scathing critique of indolent leisure classes, to which he belonged. Ultimately, like many of his novels, The Beautiful and Damned is a story about failure. We are aware of a wealth of slow and humiliating poverty and the result is a hauntingly beautiful abandon dignity. Sure to be appreciated by anyone who fell from a great height.

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